Evolution of E-cigarette’s

16272143521_4a3925e8be_kE-cigarette’s are a battery operated personal vaporizer that has been developed as a safer alternative to tobacco. This smokeless device delivers a vapor by heating up a flavored liquid, without introducing the hundreds of harmful chemicals that are present in traditional cigarettes. There are many types of devices to choose from including coil heads and atomizers, like this awesome kanger kbox. Vaping has become extremely popular as an alternative to carcinogenic tobacco products. These modern units are battery operated and provide the smoker with a variety of flavor choices that are delivered through a vapor.

This first prototype was sold mainly in China, although a small percentage were available elsewhere via the internet. Two years later an upgrade consisting of a liquid chamber and a heating coil skyrocketed sales worldwide. Tobacco companies have since joined the vaping revolution after realizing the potential profits. Vaping accessories can now be found in virtually every retail shop, from gas stations to large shopping malls. Competition has been a great thing for consumers, causing manufacturers to offer many choices in kits, flavors at a lower price.

Vaping Terminology

Some common words used in association with e-cigarettes include Vaping, atomizer and coil. The first is defined as the action of smoking an electronic cigarette, the latter describes the action of dripping the e-liquid and the coil explains how the liquid is heated up and turned into vapor. Additional terminology the first time vaper will discover is mainly related to components of the e-cigarette devices.16272139961_2013dc0e40_k